I am Stronger Cancer Awareness Sticker

I am Stronger Cancer Awareness Sticker

Heather Johnson

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Stronger… Yes, you are! You wake up every morning and look your adversary directly in the eye and say, “Not today, cancer! I am stronger than you!” A simple token can’t express what being strong means, but it never hurts to remind yourself and everyone who loves you that today YOU are stronger and deserve every bit of your hard-earned bad-ass status! This unique sticker also makes an amazing gift for a friend or loved one who is battling this disease.

My teenage daughter has been fighting her battle against Neuroblastoma for over two years. All my ribbon products were inspired by her and I guarantee that the artwork you purchase will be blessed with the amazing strength and conviction she has shown throughout her journey.

For more of Heather's artwork, you can find her at:


    All our stickers are printed using archival quality pigment inks. Waterproof stickers are printed on weatherproof materials and laminated with a UV protectant laminate to increase outdoor life and overall quality.

    • Small stickers are 9 square inches (3"x3")
    • Medium stickers are 20.25 square inches (4.5"x4.5")
    • Large stickers are 9 inches by 6 inches maximum, 6.75" by 6.75" minimum
    • Teeny Tiny stickers are 4 square inches (2"x2")

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