January 20th Updates 👋😍👍

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I'll try to keep this short and sweet so you can go about your day.
Custom Orders:
Proofs for the remaining orders in 2018 are all finished. By the time most of you read this, you might already have the proofs email in your inbox. It's going to take me a few more hours to finish sending the rest of the emails and uploading all the files. If you're still waiting on your proofs, they're on their way!
I have everything set up and ready to make your stickers. My assistant will be available to help me all week long, so we should have all the remaining 2018 orders finished and shipped on or before Monday the 28th, with the majority of them shipping Saturday or sooner. As long as you reply to your proofs email before Thursday, your order will be finished by Monday.
I'll be working on all the January orders next week.
Once I finish the 2018 orders, I will no longer be offering the 20% bonus on new orders.
If you want to take advantage of the 20% custom sticker order bonus before it ends, click here to place your custom sticker order now, or use the link below.
New Stickers/Artists:
If you chose to add your stickers for sale on the site, I will be contacting you early in February to get you set up and make sure everything looks the way you want it. I'll also be inviting the new artists to the yeStickers artists private Facebook group where you can talk to other artists and share your work with each other. I'll also be posting tips for growing your followings and fan base on social media based off what I've learned and helped others do through the years. If you feel like you've been getting effed by algorithm changes, these tips will help you grow naturally.
If you're an artist and aren't already following me on Instagram @yeStickers, GO DO THAT! When I don't have time to write an email+blog post, I'll post quick updates to my Instagram and Facebook stories.
ALSO!! I'm running a promotion on Instagram with @supperwithfoxglove where you can enter for a chance to collaborate on a sticker design that you and 3 of your friends will receive for FREEEEE!!! Even if you don't want to enter, you should still go follow him to check out his artwork and because he's an all around cool and nice guy!
That's all for the important stuff! Feel free to read the blurbs below if you want, but it's not really relevant to delivery times or anything like that. I've been non stop working for all but 3 days this month and could use a little writing.
Blah Blah Blah:
My desktop computer has been having some major hardware issues which keep causing the blue screen of death more and more often each day. I ordered a cheap replacement for the time being and it should be here between Friday and Monday.
I still have my macbook to work on almost everything. Even though the cutter software is windows only, I have a really old windows laptop that can handle it if I have to, so don't worry...I can still make your stickers! This has been slowing down the proofs and setup process, but I was able to finish the rest of the proofs on the macbook. So alas!, all is well!
You know when you get in that hyper productive groove where nothing is distracting you and you're kicking ass and taking names? Imagine being that way for a couple hours and then the computer crashes. Much profanity has been muttered this past week and a half. Not a really big deal, it just breaks my train of thought and leaves me annoyed for a little bit. With a replacement on the way, EVERYTHING IS STILL AWESOME!
And finally...
I got so many kind emails and responses after that end of the year update email. Thank you! It really meant a lot to hear all your kind words and encouragement. You've all been so amazing and I'm honored to work with so many different, awesome people. Many of you are working the same crazy hours that I am and I have nothing but respect for you! Keep it up!
Thank you all for your time! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day! 😁🙌
Kind Regards,
Joel Aguilar

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